Why Choose a Health Coach to Make Change?

Have you tried to make change before only to find yourself back where you started? Little or no progress is exhausting and exasperating! Health coaching is a way to get you move from “I can’t” to “I can,” because it supports you as you self-discover the steps you need to take towards a better you.

Some of you may think of yourselves as self-starters. You set your own bar high. Sometimes you hit your benchmark and other times you lose interest, realized the goal was not important or the timing is off and move on. Others of you may think you know where to start. You create a broad plan in your head with a broad goal in mind such as “lose weight” and you’re off. After 2 weeks, with little or no results, you throw in the towel. You’re done! In the end instead of blaming your preparation, you blame the diet when you lose motivation and your progress was not what you hoped. This process is akin to dabbling in a superficial way and not wholeheartedly investing in the outcome. Depending on the goal, we all fall into one camp or the other.

Reaching your goal comes down to changing behaviors! Changing behaviors is hard. It takes time, motivation and effort. If you fail, you blame the diet, the nutritionist, the exercise instructor, the medication or a myriad of other reasons. Instead what a lack of success really means is that you were just not ready. In essence, you lacked the confidence and the motivation needed to make the change. As some say, “My heart was just not in it.”

If your goal is to make change that sticks, what do you need to do? It comes down to three things:

  1. realize there is no “quick fix”
  2. measure success daily
  3. hire a certified health and wellness coach

No Quick Fix

When the realization hits you that your problems did not happen overnight, you start your journey into changing your behavior. This is an important concept to note as you ponder the “quick fix.” All your successes and failures come from a series of small decisions which over time created the need to change. When it comes to changing behaviors, you need space to plan your strategy and to methodically step into the changes you need to make.

Measure Daily

Your plan needs to involve what information you will measure and how often you will measure it. This gives you information to react to in how you need to adjust your plan. If you want to lose weight and you never look at the scale, this is an easy way to gain weight. I’m so guilty of this. If your counting carbs and decide to no longer log your food, this is an easy way to overeat carbs and stay out of ketosis. Reviewing your data regularly provides the momentum to keep you going.

Hire a Certified Health and Wellness Coach

When we struggle to get started, we know what we’d like to happen, but have no idea how long it will take, how to get there. We need a map and a plan!

This is where you’ll appreciate the expertise and the unique perspective of a certified health and wellness coach. Coaches understand the process of identify long and short term goals-the map-and work with you to identify steps-the plan-to get you where you desire to be. Through a series of reflections, questions and other techniques, your coach helps you understand your goals, really understand your goals and an assist with setting realistic timelines. Certified health and wellness coaches excel at working with people in the prevention or risk reduction chronic conditions. They may also help you strategize on how live with symptoms that may be harder to cope with.

Need to Change, But Not Ready to Change

So, what if you are not ready change, but you know you need to do something? Because of their training, a certified health and wellness coach knows how to determine what stage of change you’re at. They walk you through what you need to do to prepare for change and help you create a plan. The coach does not do the work. That is up to you. The coach assists with clarifying your goals, setting realistic timelines and developing a plan. They help you see that the benefits of change are greater than staying the same. This helps you get ready for the work ahead. They build on your past successes and strengths to support behavior change and provide you with a system of accountability.

Instead of dabbling in creating change, commit to mastery. Realize that change takes time, measure your data often, and hire a certified health and wellness coach.

Live Strong!

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