What is Keto? Part 1

The Facts Behind the Hype

This year when we think of diets we think of the Keto diet, the most viral this year of all the diets in the public eye. Many of us are curious about the Keto diet for its ability to help us loss fat. Basically, a ketogenic diet limits the amount of carbohydrates (carbs) we eat and allows for moderate protein and high fat intake.

SAD: Standard American Diet

Standard American Diet. This is in contrast to our standard American diet (SAD) which is high in carbohydrates and fat. The SAD diet is characterized by high intake of processed, fried and convenience foods along with grains, potatoes, high-sugar drinks and sugar-enriched packaged products. On SAD, our bodies burn carbohydrates for fuel in the form of sugar. What carbohydrates our bodies cannot use are stored as fat. All the food and drink we ate along with the carbs is also stored as fat. 

Cart full of processed carbs

Keto Diet. With so few carbohydrates allowed on the keto diet, our bodies quickly burn through the carbohydrates we ate and turn to fat for fuel.  Ketosis happens when our bodies cannot make enough fuel from the carbohydrates we ate. In ketosis, our bodies breakdown fat into ketones which the body uses for fuel. In fact, the brain prefers ketones to carbs for energy. Our bodies convert fat into ketones using dietary as well as body fat.

A well-proportioned ketogenic diet has a balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat. This allows the body to keep its lean mass and burn fat. A keto coach has the training to help us calculate a correctly proportioned ketogenic diet to meet our needs. Need help? Visit mj-theketocoach.com for more information. We can be successful together.

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