Tracking Ketones and Blood Sugar with the Keto-Mojo Meter

We’re human and sometimes our best efforts to live a healthy keto life get side-tracked. Sometimes we THINK we know the number of carbs we are eating. This is a mind game we play. In truth, we really don’t know our carb consumption unless we are 100% carnivore or are actually logging our food into a carb counting app such as Carb Manager® or Conometer®. Generally, we underestimate portion size and the number of carbs we consume. My mantra of late is “measure everything!”

We recently attended the Low Carb USA conference in Boca Raton, FL. One of the vendors, Keto-Mojo demonstrated the ease in measuring blood ketones and blood sugar with their meter.[1] We happily extended our fingers for testing. The results? I was marginally in ketosis and my husband was marginally out of ketosis. The other concern was blood sugar. In case you’re curious, coffee and cream will throw a person out of ketosis and raise blood sugar. It comes back to “measure everything.”

Our Plan

We bought the meter, evaluated our diet, planned our meals for the next day and scheduled when we would again measure our ketones and blood sugar. Not only would we measure our blood a couple of times a month, we would faithfully log our food and track macros and micronutrients; measure our waist circumference; and daily weight along with percentage fat and lean body mass. We committed to “measuring everything.”


The Keto-Mojo meter is easy to set-up. Pictorial instructions are included with the meter. Additional video are available on YouTube and tutorials on the Keto-Mojo site. Additional ketone test strips, glucose test strips and lancets are available online. Here are some lancets Keto Mojo suggests:


While we learned so much at the Low Carb USA conference, realizing that we were not as keto as we thought and had higher than expected blood sugars was the most profound information we learned. We added strategies to our longevity plan and are “measuring everything.”

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