The One Word Resolution for the New Year

Shelf the old way you have been thinking about resolutions and instead, pick one word for the New Year that describes your vision, your purpose of where you desire to be or what you desire more of in your life. Often times we think of the past year in terms of what we fell short on. Instead of repeating the same pattern of unkept promises, chose something different. Create a one-word positive resolution that exemplifies your vision and your dream for the months ahead.

One Word Challenge

In his YouTube video, One Word That Will Change Your Life Forever, Jon Gordan stated that our one word visions/resolutions are stronger than our challenges because they point us in the direction where we can be our best. We rarely go on a trip without knowing where we are going. Consider your one-word resolution your New Year’s map, the compass that guides you on the road ahead. Your word has the power to resonate through each moment of the coming year, making the new year a year to remember.

Picking Your Word

Your one word can come to you at any time you focus your intention on the coming year. If you need more of a process, in a quiet place, sit in a comfortably with your feet flat on the floor. Turn the ringer on your phone off. Lay your hands gently in your lap and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your month. Think about yourself and all that is good about the person that you are. Turn your mind to the new year and focus on what you desire more of. Allow the words to come together in your mind and body. What word appeared first? What word did you feel in your heart? What word felt energizing? For some people, their first word is likely their one-word resolution. For others, its just the word that felt right.

My Word

My word is “Amazing.” It came to me as I was thinking about the coming year and it feels like the word chose me. How will Amazing show-up in the new year? It’s exciting to think about what my story looks like at the end one Amazing year.

Please share your word too!

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