I understand that the information provided by MJ the Keto Coach is strictly informational and educational and is not intended to replace my relationship with or medical advice from my doctor. 

I understand that MJ the Keto Coach recommends I talk to my doctor before making any lifestyle or diet changes.

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I understand and agree the information provided will not be used to diagnose or treat any illness, medical condition or health problem.

I understand and agree that if I develop a medical condition it is best addressed by my doctor. 

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I hold MJ the Keto Coach harmless of all liability of any kind from any act of omission and misinterpretation wholly or in part on anything contained in the information and educational material in any format provided by MJ the Keto Coach. 

If I am purchasing the Lovin’ My Keto® The Keto Course or The Ultimate Keto Course offered in partnership with Keto-adapted Maria Mind Body Health, I also understand agree to the terms and conditions found on their website.

I understand that if I agree, my name will not be used in conjunction with any photo used by MJ the Keto Coach.

I understand that Facebook messages are not secure. Because of this I will only communicate with MJ the Keto Coach is by email or text.

MJ the Keto Coach will respond to emails and texts within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Emails and text sent on weekends or holidays will be answered within the next business day.

All phone calls are by appointment. MJ the Keto Coach will initiate the call. Calls average about 30 minutes.

MJ the Keto Coach will not accept client phone calls. All calls are by appointment.

If I am not available to answer the call from MJ the Keto Coach, MJ the Keto Coach will send an email to reschedule. If I am unable to respond to MJ the Keto Coach by the end of the 4-week period, I understand I forfeit the remainder of my time and no money will be returned

I understand all money paid to MJ the Keto Coach is non-refundable.

I understand that all medical questions need to be directed to my doctor.

I understand that none of my information will be sold to third parties and comply with company privacy policy.

I understand that MJ the Keto Coach plans to use coaching time invested in me to renew her Health Coaching certification. None of my personal information will be shared other than time spent.