Full Terms and Conditions for our Satiety Satisfaction Guarantee®

and How to Claim Your Refund


MJ the Keto Coach, LLC is confident that you will feel successful in the first 14 days of your program that we promise to give you your money back if you are not satisfied.

If, within the first two weeks you’re not satisfied, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back.

The following terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to the MJ the Keto Coach Satisfaction Guarantee:

  1. The Satisfaction Guarantee is available to individuals who purchase one of the following programs: Keto Digital Program; Keto Fat Burning Program; or Keto Buddies Program. All other programs NOT specifically mentioned here are EXCLUDED from our moneyback guarantee.
  2.  Please note that the refund is limited to fees paid for the above programs.
  3. The Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to any introductory offers, add-on packages, consultations, or report products.
  4. If after 2 weeks of enrolling in MJ the Keto Coach Keto Digital Program, Keto Fat Burning Program, or Keto Buddies Program program you are not satisfied, you will be entitled to obtain a refund of your fees, provided you meet the requirements contained in these Terms.
  5. For Keto Digital Program, Keto Fat Burning Program, or Keto Buddies Program subscribers: Following receipt of your macros or food list, you agree to weekly contact with your coach for 2 full and consecutive weeks. This means that you will have received a minimum of 3 contacts with your coach—your macro or food list coaching call and a minimum of 2 other contacts in the 14-day period.

6.The day you receive your macros or food list will be counted as the first day of the 14-day window. For example, if you receive your macros or food list on the 2nd of the month, the last day to request a refund would be the 15th.

  1. If you have a digital subscription, you agree to add your coach as part of your Carb Manager community and document weight loss in the app or send your coach your starting and weekly weight for a total of 3 communications by text or email within 14 days of receiving your macros.
  2. To claim your refund, complete the entire form.
  3. We will use the same payment method used to pay for the program to return your money. For example, if you paid through PayPal, your money will be returned through PayPal.
  4. Please allow 28 business days to receive your refund from the day of receipt by us of a valid claim.