“Eating low carb saved my life. It’s so easy. I can see myself living like this for the rest of my life. I never thought I would weigh less than 200 lbs. Others are noticing the changes. Although I have more to lose, I feel great.”
“Even though I have been living a keto life for the last year, my weight has stalled. I was stuck above 200 lbs. and nothing budged the weight. I knew I needed a coach to help me see past the stall and move the weight off. MJ the Keto Coach reviewed what I was eating and helped me understand how my body was using the food I gave it for fuel. She has given me so much support that is non-existent in other programs. During the first month, my weight dipped down below 200 lbs and has been going down ever since. I am so happy.”
“During my first month on keto, I struggled with limiting my carbs and allowed friends and social engagements to sabotage my success. Duke worked with me, sometimes several times a week, to provide accountability and support. Together we tweaked my plan and he helped me to see other options for eating low carb. I learned that there are many ways to approach eating low carb. The weight is coming off and people are starting to notice. Not only am I losing weight, my blood pressure is coming down and I have less pain.”
New York
“I started keto with MJ the Keto Coach when I was grossly overweight. I hardly slept and my diabetes was getting the better of me. My doctor suggested keto to get my blood sugars under control. Because I would be eating fewer carbs, my doctor lowered my diabetes meds. After 2 weeks, my doctor took me off my glyburide and in 4 weeks the only medicine that left was metformin. I wasn’t sure how I’d like coaching, but looking back on it, having a keto health coach is the best part of the program. MJ and Duke are always available to me and teach me about how my body uses cabs, fats, and proteins. I’ve learned so much more about how my body works from the weekly educational material. The coaches teach you more than just how to eat. They teach you how to live. I am sleeping better and feel so much happier. I am so thankful I found them.”
“I could never have imagined that I’d lose 8 lbs. in the first week, but I did.”
“I thought I understood was Keto was. Turns out, counting net carbs will get you no where. I lost 10 lbs the first month and I am thrilled.”
“For very little money, I got my energy back and lost weight too.”
“Duke and Mary Jane offer more than keto coaching. They really do believe in you and help you to succeed.”
“My Keto journey started about 5 years ago and I went at it alone. I did my research and there is a lot of information available. The problem is most of the information is not correct and while I had some limited success. When Mary Jane (aka MJ) told me she was Certified, we started talking. I thought I knew what Keto was but I was wrong. I had the foundation but she helped me build the house. MJ helped me separate fact from fiction and now I understand Keto much better and she is always there to help me. I dropped 20 lbs in 60 days. Do not go it alone, get some help from MJ the Keto Coach and she will help you achieve your goals the smart way.”