Keto Diet for Beginners



This four-part 8 week course starts with a Keto Cleanse. The cleanse eliminates foods that are known to cause inflammation. From the cleanse, you move into Part 2, the Keto Lifestyle, where some of the food restricted in the cleanse are brought back. The second phase still limits carbs while enjoying moderate protein and high fat meals. The third phase no longer requires you to log food as in Parts 1 and 2. To make sure things are going smoothly, your keto coach calls you a minimum of weekly for the first six weeks. In the final phase, Part 4, you communicate with your coach through text or email. After 8 weeks, if you’d like to continue the program,  getting support and coaching, that is available for $99 a month.)

Part 1—Two-week Keto Cleanse with MJ The Keto Coach. This plan eliminates foods that are known to cause inflammation. You also receive a minimum of one weekly lifestyle intervention coaching call or Zoom session. Our first week educational materials focus on how our bodies digest and metabolize food. All materials are evidence-based in scientific research.

Part 2—Exit the keto cleanse and settle into a traditional clean keto program for two weeks. Some of the foods eliminated the first 2 weeks are brought back. Coaching calls or Zoom sessions are weekly. (If you were having success in the Keto Cleanse, you have the option of staying on this plan for Part 2. )

Part 3—After four weeks on Keto, you are now ready to transition to a Low Carb High Fat program. This phase is designed to help you continue your success and teach you how to eat for the rest of your life. While Parts 1 and 2 require logging, the Low Carb High Fat phase does not. For the next two weeks, the weekly coaching will continue. (You may also stay on the Keto Cleanse or Straight Keto for another 2 weeks.)

Part 4—In the last two weeks of the program, you continue following a low carb lifestyle with weekly support by text or email. (You have your choice of 3 programs for the last 2 weeks: Keto Cleanse, Keto or Low Carb Hight Fat.)

• Weekly 1:1 30 minute phone or zoom calls and goal setting with your personal Keto/LCHF Coach for the first 6 weeks
• 60-day program with email or text access to your Keto/LCHF Coach
• Availability is during business hours M-F for check-ins and goal setting
• Connect with others thru a private FB group moderated by a health coach for the term of your membership
• Ongoing access to the Lovin’ My Keto® newsletter filled with the latest keto news
• Personal macros for weight loss with intermittent fasting and for quick loss
• Weekly Wellness Modules/Educational Resources on topics important to an LCHF life
• Meal Plans
• Food and Pantry lists
• Recipes
• Carb Manager Food Log tutorial
• By purchasing this program, you agree to our  Terms of Service.