Keto Jump Start


Keto Jump Start is perfect for the self-starter in you



Keto Jump Start is perfect for the self-starter in you. This 90-minute phone call provides you with what you need to live your best life.

  • One 90-minute┬áKeto with a Coach┬ácall to:
  • Uncover how ready you are to make changes
  • Explore your goals to determine what is possible
  • Answer questions about the keto diet
  • A Personal Keto Lifestyle Plan and 4 macronutrient profiles
    • Aggressive fat loss
    • Fat loss with intermittent fasting
    • Managing stalls
    • Weight management
  • Food lists for a keto 30-day cleanse or regular keto diet
  • Tutorials for setting up the Carb Manager app

All you need is a scale, the Carb Manager app and a strong commitment to live your best life. (If help is needed after starting, request a  Keto Coach Consultation, or sign up for a month of Keto Coaching Support.)


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