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Better Together Low Carb Group Coaching Individual Signup



The best way to make permanent changes is with the support of family, friends, co-workers, and your health coach. Better Together is the perfect mix of peer and coach support. Six fun weekly to biweekly group sessions by Zoom with presentations and food demos plus six weekly 20-minute 1:1 sessions to get the support you need for your style of low carb life. After completing the health history, your coach will discuss 1:1 the low carb lifestyle options that might best work for you. After that, you decide the best way to go. Perhaps you’re not sure about low carb and yet, would still like to be part of a fun group. No pressure. Your adventure. Your rules. 


After the Low Carb Discovery Session Participant Signup

  • $100/person for 6 weeks 
    • A trip charge will accompany in person group coaching
    • Prior to Session 1, participants pay program fees; agree and sign individual Terms of Service; and complete a health history.
  • Six 1-hour weekly to biweekly sessions ($400 value/person)
    • Didactic, food demo, interactive discussion, and/or Q&A. 
  • All didactic sessions will be via Zoom unless otherwise arranged.
  • Weekly 20-minute individual coaching sessions for 6 weeks ($300 value/person)
    • All individual coaching sessions will be via phone or Zoom unless otherwise arranged. 
    • A trip charge will accompany in person individual coaching
  • Participants are encouraged to sign up for our newsletter to receive a free eBook-Seven Steps to a Low Carb Life and recipe book at MJ-theketocoach.com
  • Participants are encouraged to use the Carb Manager® app for tracking macronutrients
  • Weekly infographics by email on topics such as carbohydrate metabolism, cholesterol, and sleep