MJ The Keto Coach Packages

With the exception of group coaching, all consults and coaching are done telephonically; and through email and text.  This allows you to participate from anywhere in the world.

Initial Meet-n-Greet Call – $FREE

Wondering if a ketogenic lifestyle is for you? What is intermittent fasting? Have questions about information you’ve been reading on the web? This 30-minute call may be all you need to find the answers you are looking for To start, just contact us.

Just Macros – $19

Calculating and counting macronutrients (macros) is the corner stone of a ketogenic diet. Some of the web-based information on calculating macros is confusing.  You may also be wondering if macros need to be adjusted for certain chronic conditions such as pre-diabetes, diabetes or metabolic syndrome or do macros change based body fat. Just Macros is perfect for self-starters like you who need a bit of support in calculating their macros.  You receive two sets of macros: One for aggressive weight loss and one for weight loss with intermittent fasting.

Keto With A Coach $249 $199.20

February Special – 20% off

(Limit to 3 new clients)

 Keto with a Coach connects you to your personal keto coach during the first two months as your body is switching from burning sugar to burning fat. Touch bases by phone are more frequent during the first two weeks. After that, your coaching calls are scheduled weekly. In addition to 1:1 coaching ($550 value), you receive:

  • Two macronutrient profiles for aggressive fat loss and fat loss with intermittent fasting
  • Information about your first month on the keto cleanse
  • Recipes, meal plans, and grocery lists
  • A keto pantry list
  • Keto educational material to help you understand the ketogenic lifestyle
  • Tutorials for setting up the Carb Manager app

Keto Jump Start -$129


Keto Jump Start is perfect for the self-starter in you. This 90-minute phone call provides you with what you need to live your best life.

  • One 90-minute Keto with a Coach call to:
  • Uncover how ready you are to make changes
  • Explore your goals to determine what is possible
  • Answer questions about the keto diet
  • A Personal Keto Lifestyle Plan and 4 macronutrient profiles
    • Aggressive fat loss
    • Fat loss with intermittent fasting
    • Managing stalls
    • Weight management
  • Food lists for a keto 30-day cleanse or regular keto diet
  • Tutorials for setting up the Carb Manager app

All you need is a scale, the Carb Manager app and a strong commitment to live your best life. (If help is needed after starting, request a  Keto Coach Consultation, or sign up for a month of Keto Coaching Support.)

Keto Coach Consultation– $49

Has your weight stalled? Wondering what your next step is? Have more questions after you purchased the Just Macros or Keto Jump Start packages? Exploring these questions with a health coach may be what you need to untangle your questions and get answers. A health coach partners with you in a creative process that can point you toward your goals. The call lasts 60 minutes.

One Month Keto Coaching Support – $159


Additional months of support are available after the first 4 weeks on the keto lifestyle. This package includes weekly health coaching calls; revising macronutrient profiles for continued aggressive fat loss and fat loss with intermittent fasting; 2 additional macronutrient profiles: one for managing stalls and a second for maintenance; and continued access to Keto Bites. This package is often selected as follow-up to 1st Month Keto Support.