Lovin’ My Keto® Collection

Keto just got “sweeter” with easier pricing and more support. MJ the Keto Coach created 3 new programs making Keto more accessible than ever before: Lovin’ My Keto® Digital, Lovin’ My Keto® Fat Burning and Lovin’ My Keto® Reset. Sign up for the program that best fits you. Are you a DIY person looking for just a bit of digital support? Chose Lovin’ My Keto® Digital. Or do you enjoy the convos of a weekly call with a coach? If so, chose Lovin’ My Keto® Fat Burning or Lovin’ My Keto® Reset. Either way you’ll be Lovin’ My Keto.

Welcome to the Lovin’ My Keto® collection. We kept some of the old packages and created some new ones. The new healing programs contain more tools and are easy on your wallet. Keto is so much more than just nourishing your body and reducing inflammation. Its also about removing toxins from your internal environment and fortifying sleep, social connections, emotional wellbeing and much more. Our new tools will explore your motivation, evaluating your macro nutrients, learn how to read a nutrition label, and tools you may not have expected such as journaling and how to evaluate if you are addicted to processed foods.

The Lovin’ My Keto® collection has flexible options for the way you learn. The Digital program is 100% technology based with access to your personal health coach by text or e-mail. The Fat Burning program supports you for the first 2 months until your body is burning fat for fuel rather than sugar. Lovin’ My Keto® Reset is a 3 month commitment. During the first month, you eat foods that reduce inflammation and feed your body with nourishing and healing foods. The next 2 months of your reset encourage your body to moving from burning sugar for fuel to burning fat. Pick the program that best fits your personal goals and how you approach learning new things. Use the shop menu above to begin Lovin’ My Keto®.

With the exception of group coaching, all consults and coaching are done telephonically; and through email and text.  This allows you to participate from anywhere in the world.