Net Carb Fallacy

Anyone spending any time on social media, following posted keto or low carb questions and advice- you will see over and over the term- Net Carbs.

The only place you will see this “value” used is on processed products, (not food).  The same industry that has lied to the consumers about low fat is great, and sugar is not a problem, and saccharin is safe and high fructose corn syrup is healthy is now running a new scam – Net Carbs.

Net Carbs is a term the food manufacturers made up to fool you into thinking their product was low carb, and of course healthy. You will also notice the net carb value is on the front of the package, but not on the back with the food label, because the USDA does not recognize this value. Routinely, they will take a high carb product, add lots of fiber, add large amounts of unhealthy fats and use a host of sweet tasting chemicals.

This fallacy is that you can subtract fiber and sugar alcohols from the total carbs- and Bam!  A healthy low carb product is there for you to buy.  But this fancy math has not been proven by research, and most people’s bodies just do not know how to do the math.  Even the American Diabetes Association calls out this as a fallacy.

Just like a couple of decades ago there were all these fat free products.  Remember Snackwells? You should have lost weight eating a box of those- right?  Fat Free, right? The danger is when you eat processed or ultra-processed products. We suggest that if you want to do low carb or keto, just eat whole, natural foods.  You will notice there is no need for a food label. Eat natural carbs, protein and healthy fats.  No magic.