Homemade Aspartame-Free Sugar-Free Gelatin

Sugar-free Aspartame-free Gelatin Recipe. I’ve shared with a few of you a recipe for Sugar-Free Jell-O Jigglers that a dear family member shared with me and now I feel I need to replace it with an sugar- free aspartame-free and very low carb version. Using 4 tablespoons of gelatin yields a firmer dessert, which my husband likes. For softer gelatin, my favorite, use 3 tablespoon of gelatin. The softer version will be 3.4g of protein preserving instead of 4.5g. To me Stevia has a bitter finish. Adding the xylitol sweetened the finish, but also added carbs. If you would like to ditch the carbs, forget the xylitol. Taste the finished product moving it to the refrigerator.

Homemade Aspartame-Free Sugar-Free Gelatin

Inspired by wholenewmom.com

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Eight ½ cup servings. CHO/serving

4 tbsp Gelatin

1 packet of Unsweetened Drink Mix 0.13oz/3.6g

1 ½ c cold water

4 ½ tbsp Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops (Stevia)

1 tbsp Xylitol, optional

2 ½ c boiling water

Whisk together gelatin and unsweetened drink mix in a small bowl. Add cold water to a large bowl. Sprinkle the gelatin-drink mixture over the top of 1 ½ cold water to allow the gelatin to “bloom.” After 5 minutes, whisk the Xylitol and Stevia into the gelatin-drink mixture. Boil 2 ½ cups of water on the stove top or microwave. Gently whisk boiling water to gelatin mixture. Adjust for sweetness. Pour into 8×8 glass pan and refrigerate for 2-3 hours or until firm.  

Total: Calories: 170 cal | CHO: 12g | Fats: 0g | Protein: 36g

Per Serving: Calories: 21.3 | CHO: 1.5g | Fats: 0g | Protein: 4.5g

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