Support is vital for building a vision around your “why do I need to change” that matches your desire to live a low carbohydrate high fat life. Depending on your dependence on carbohydrates, and how you learn and change, you will find hiring a health coach invaluable. A coach is there to help you develop a strategy for an upcoming event, mindless munching, or just be there when something did not go as planned. Your coach will notice and celebrate when you’ve stretched beyond what you thought you could do, applaud you; and cheer as you move one step closer to the you of your dreams.

We all change behaviors and learn things differently and your coach understands that. No one individual needs the same health coach to show up as they did for their neighbor or a co-worker. Health coaches are trained to work with your unique circumstances, strengths, needs, and desires.

Coaches also:

  • Help you identify if you are ready for change and if not, what you need to do to get there. It’s easy to put the cart before the horse when you are excited about your potential. Preparing yourself for change is just as insightful as the change itself.
  • Next, they assist you in developing your personal vision of your ideal self. Developing your vision is a big part of working with a coach. Your vision taps into your dream about what you aspire to be. It’s your road map; your sense of purpose; your why. It’s about setting a vision of change for yourself that is so concrete that it draws you to it.
  • Coaches also help you clarify your goals, set next steps and develop a timeline. Often times we are more successful breaking down tasks into baby steps and experimenting along the way than taking one giant leap. Smaller steps provide insight and feedback that we can apply to the change we want to make.
  • Coaches assist you by building on your past successes to energize you forward. Finding those strategies that worked in the past can be helpful in creating lasting change.
  • Coaches also work with you to stay committed as your accountability coach. They help you stay focused on your vision to your ideal self.
  • And finally, your coach helps you get unstuck when change is going nowhere. It is easy to throw in the towel when you’re stuck. But your coach is trained in just that, in picking up your towel, chucking it in the hamper and working with you in finding that next small step. And your coach helps you remember why your vision is of the utmost importance to you.

When making change, we all need someone to offer us a deep level of support and encouragement to help us move in the direction of change and that is what a health coach will do.

Reflections on Coaching

As you embrace the notion of a low carb life, you will undoubtedly get a lot of unsolicited advice from well-meaning friends and family. They no doubt care a lot about you. Some of the advice will be good and some may be even harmful. The only way to know if the information you are receiving is good is by seeking out a professional keto coach who understands the science of low carb and the science of making change. Each person is different, and with a coach you’ll get a program and support especially for YOU and your particular set of circumstances. You most likely would not ask a friend or strangers in a Facebook group for advice about a medical condition. Changing your life is no different. Seek out help from a professional certified keto coach or nutrition advisor.

Your life will change in working with a health coach. The process at times may feel uncomfortable as you and your coach mine through your reasons for change and as your vision evolves. The best part of coaching is that in the end, you’ve made a new friend and we could all use a new friend.

Live Strong!