Facebook Advice

Recently I spent time in various Facebook groups on keto with the goal to help people who struggled with keto or low carb high fat. What surprised me was the amount of misinformation and sometime dangerous advice being offered.

I equate this to having a medical condition and going to your doctor but getting and trusting advice you get from the receptionist or other people in the waiting room! And not even going into the doctor’s office!

Some of the advice I read was not rooted in science. Some is decades old dogma that has been disproved but lives on. Some of the advice is purposeful misinformation by the food industry to sell fake keto products and have them appear as healthy. It puzzles me to think someone would take advice from strangers, believe it to be true, and not search out a certified professional. At the very least to verify something to be true.

As part of any keto certification program, the curriculum will be based in the latest science with supporting studies and documents. This professional will have needed to complete the requirements to achieve certification. Anyone serious to be a keto coach will have a WEB presence listing their values and programs and of course their prices. If you do not clearly see listed how much a program will cost- move on and continue your search. Any high quality professional will always initially chat for free. At this point, your only cost will be time.

If you are curious about keto, or a low carb lifestyle you owe it to your self to take the extra step and search out a professional certified Keto or Low Carb coach. You can Google search for them. Two excellent places that list trained coaches from their programs are:

Nutrition Network

Keto Adapted