I am a recently retired IT professional spending over 30 years in the Health Insurance industry.  Because of my profession, I have always thought of myself as a logical thinker and a problem solver.  One problem that I worked at, repeatedly with little to no success was getting a handle on my weight.

 As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been overweight- at least for the last 6 decades. Over that time, I believe I have tried every diet available-  WW, at least 4 different times.  Each diet yielded initial results only to stall.  Then, the weight would come back, and to add insult- a tad more. 

I had stumbled onto lowcarb years ago with Atkins- but the health professionals push back on that, and that scared me away. Little did I know- Dr. Atkins had it mostly right.

 In 2018, I was approaching my new highest weight, plus my doctor used the phrase- “pre diabetic”. This was troubling and scared me.  About that time, my wife too had reached her highest weight, and we concluded something needed to change.  With her being a medical professional, she was reading everything connected to low carb and keto-and she was convinced that this was the correct lifestyle we needed to follow.

She invested in herself and received multiple certifications in keto- and as a start in keto coaching- I was to be her very first client.  It was a huge success!

Going through the process of being coached in doing keto correctly and having a coach to help inspired me to not only lose the weight, (80 lbs in 10 months) but to also learn more.

To that end, I enrolled in three different programs including the prestigious Noakes Foundation and after over 17 hours of study, I now have 3 separate Keto/Low Carb High Fat certifications. 

I now not only bring the education and science to coaching someone in this lifestyle, I also bring the understanding of how to do it, and the ultimate way to become successful.  I look forward to helping you on your journey.