I bumped into keto accidentally through a DNA test that recommended the fat switch diet–removing processed foods and carb heavy grains–as an effective way for her genome type to reach a healthy weight. I had been on 28 different diets, some more than once. Keto was the only one that helped me move from my role as a professional dieter to my best self with tons of self-confidence. “I love keto for how it makes me feel and for all the mounting science in support of eating cleanly.” I launched MJ the Keto Coach in the fall of 2019. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In addition to my certification as a Keto-adapted coach, I am also a registered nurse in the State of Wisconsin; a Wellcoaches Professional certified Health and Wellness Coach; and am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. It would be an honor to work with you!


MJ the Keto Coach Philosophy

We believe that living low carb is a whole life approach to health.
We believe that we all have the same set of core values: living well, living happy, and living healthy. The strengths we use for living well, happy, and healthy are the same strengths we use to manage burdens and create change.

Our promise:
We believe in you even when you doubt yourself.
We support you as you make change when you feel change is hard.
We celebrate and savor your victories no matter how small.
We believe you are worth fighting for and together we can beat this.


A very creative artist, Michael Waterfield, used my initials to tell our collective weight loss story. The “M” depicts how our efforts to move the scale down have failed. Losing and gaining. Losing and re-gaining. Then we discover the ketogenic lifestyle. Our weight falls with the downward swoop of the “j” as we finally understand how to nourish ourselves. Our collective success is celebrated by the flourish at the end of the “j.” Thank you Michael. You have our gratitude.