So many of us struggle with weight loss to the point of feeling like professional dieters. Losing. Gaining. Losing and regaining even more. My husband and I lived this pattern for years until we learned about a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Adopting this way of eating helped us lose weight faster and easier than ever before.  The low carb/keto lifestyle achieves real transformation and is supported by science. We combine our backgrounds in nursing, health coaching, and nutrition to bring this lifestyle to you.

We specialize in coaching people with metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and diabetes. Our coaches provide lifestyle intervention coaching with an emphasis on how changes in diet can help you achieve lower blood sugars, lower blood pressure, lower triglycerides, higher HDLs, and lower fasting insulin levels.

For the last 10 years, we have used evidence-based health coaching techniques to help people accomplish goals and reveal a more energetic version of themselves. The low carbohydrate/ketogenic lifestyle is a way to get there. The science behind the lifestyle is fascinating and this is the information we share with you. After all, we are in this together.

We provide consulting and coaching services for those interested in a low carbohydrate or ketogenic lifestyle. People living a low carb or keto life report improved mental clarity, fat loss, reduced inflammation, better focus, more energy, deeper sleep, normal blood sugars and balance in hormones and mood.

We would love to celebrate your successes with you. Shop for the free meet ‘n greet call or use the contact us form. We’ll take it from there.

MJ the Keto Coach and Low Carb Life Philosophy 

We believe that living low carb is a whole life approach to health.
We believe that we all have the same set of core values: living well, living happy, and living healthy. The strengths we use for living well, happy, and healthy are the same strengths we use to manage burdens and create change.

Our promise:
We believe in you even when you doubt yourself.
We support you as you make change when you feel change is hard.
We celebrate and savor your victories no matter how small.
We believe you are worth fighting for and together we can beat this.